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Digitally Transform Your Network.
Improve Agility Without Compromising Security.

With the endless emergence of new technologies and a constantly changing competitive landscape, it's vital for financial organisations to be able to adapt their networks rapidly, without fear of compromising on security or compliance. GTT offers a comprehensive suite of cloud network services for large and small branch applications, secure financial transactions and data center connectivity – all perfectly suited to the financial services firms of today.

Our portfolio of cloud networking services provides high performance, flexible and secure connectivity to enable the digitalisation of your financial services platform and widespread deployment of online tools across a variety of applications, while optimising the underlying costs of more traditional branch-based activity.

Manage your financial transactions securely and efficiently with the assurance of our PCI-DSS certification and compliance service. Achieve optimised application performance for business critical financial transactions through GTT’s extensive footprint of SD-WAN gateways and dedicated MPLS connections to one of the industry’s largest IP backbones that minimises the number of hops between the originating and terminating points for lower latency performance.

GTT’s Financial Service Portfolio


Our flagship service provides enhanced traffic prioritisation, advanced security, and high availability, to improve the performance of your network and mission critical applications. Offering three leading technology vendor options to match your specific needs, GTT SD-WAN is based on our Tier 1 IP network offering better performance than most other providers. Our range of access options includes ethernet, broadband, dedicated internet access and 4G LTE wireless for more cost-effective solutions. Our self-service portal, delivers visibility and control of your network with advanced functionality to monitor traffic and make network changes in near real-time.


SIP Trunking

Improve employee productivity and flexibility to work from any location by implementing GTT SIP trunking, offering integrated connectivity with Microsoft Teams and Cisco WebEx Calling. Take advantage of our feature-rich set of voice calling functionality, such as advanced recording and storage capabilities, that keeps you in compliance with financial regulations, while realising the cost advantages of managing your voice network over an IP infrastructure. Our SIP Trunking offers termination service to more than 200 countries, DIDs to more than 55 countries and toll-free service to more than 120 countries, serving the needs of the largest global financial services companies.

GTT SIP Trunking

Managed Security Services

Protect sensitive financial data with our multi-layered security, including next-gen firewall and anti-malware features, proactive threat detection and response, and customised compliance offerings, supported by 24/7 SOC monitoring. Fortify your internet resources against malicious cyber-attacks with our DDoS Mitigation service; its “always-on” capability scrubs malicious traffic with minimal latency impact before it reaches its intended destination. Reinforce privileged network access with multi-factor authentication to protect sensitive financial data and minimise the risk of fraudulent financial transactions. Ensure compliance with rigorous log reporting and SIEM portal reporting.

GTT Advanced Security Services

Cloud Connect

Advance your cloud strategy with low latency and secure cloud connectivity. Our Cloud Connect platform offers both public and private connectivity options through direct private peering with major cloud providers that include Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, AWS Direct Connect, and Google Cloud Interconnect. You can connect to many more IaaS, PaaS and SaaS providers through our exchange-based Cloud Connect offering. Furthermore, you can seamlessly manage your network and cloud environments with our self-service portal capabilities.



GTT Cloud Connect

Delivering High-Performance Connectivity to the Financial Services Sector
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    Global Banks

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    Global 500 Companies

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    Technology Firms

The GTT Difference 

Expansive IP Network

Expansive IP Network


Leverage the low latency advantage of GTT’s global Tier 1 IP network, with single hop capability, that connects more than 600 PoPs and spans six continents while enabling the expansion into new markets across the globe.

A Single Service Provider

A Single Service Provider


Simplify your network management with one bill, uniform account management and streamlined customer support. We can support all of your networking needs including WAN, managed SD-WAN, cloud connectivity, internet, managed security and voice.


Customized And Scalable Solutions

Customised & Scalable Solutions


We will work with you to meet your specific needs, whether performance, security or compliance related, while delivering the reliability that your business demands. Our team of sales consultants and experienced network engineers understand the unique needs of the financial services industry and will tailor a networking solution to meet your business objectives.

Protect Your Sensitive Financial Data

Protect your Sensitive Financial Data


Our multi-layer security protects your data, while our PCI DSS compliance ensures the security of financial transactions. Whether advancing your cloud strategy or managing high volumes of data, we have a proven track record of delivering to the financial services industry’s most demanding firms – from specialised trading houses to global banks.

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