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If you’re looking for massage and skin care services in New York City, look no further than Skin Spa New York. We specialize in treatments that provide relaxation and rejuvenation for your skin and body, working to leave you feeling fresh and looking your best. Our services include everything from Swedish massages to the best facials in New York City.

Our experienced staff will work with you tailor our services to your needs, providing relaxation and restoring a youthful appearance to your skin.

What We Offer

Emsculpt Body Sculpting

Emsculpt has arrived to Ski Spa! Emsculpt is a type of noninvasive body contouring that uses the only FDA cleared device to build muscle and burn fat. Customers love this treatment because there is no downtime and treatment sessions are only 30 minutes! It also provides great results. Through HIFEM technology, energy penetrates deep into ab muscles, inducing strong contractions, building muscles and sculpting abs. One Emsculpt treatment equals 20,000 crunches!


With our top New York City massage services, you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, slipping into a private oasis. We offer massage services ranging from 20 minutes for those who need a short pick-me-up to 80 minutes for when you have the time to truly unwind and relax. Our experienced massage therapists provide Prenatal massages, Deep Tissue massages, Express massages, Swedish massages, Himalayan Hot Salt Stone Massage and  aromatherapy upgrades are available. Your therapist will customize the treatment to focus on the areas of your body that are giving you trouble, helping you release tension and leave our spa feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal offers the best in hair removal solutions, with only six sessions necessary to remove unwanted hair on any area of the body. This hair removal treatment option is perfect for those who are tired of waxing, shaving or plucking and want a permanent hair removal solution. We select the best hair removal technology for the treatment based on the area being treated, the type of skin and the hair texture, helping provide optimal hair removal results.


If you’re not ready to commit to full laser hair removal but are tired of the daily grind of shaving, waxing might be right for you. Waxing is a fast, effective method for longer-term smooth skin. We use both hard and soft waxes combined with soothing ingredients to give you optimal hair removal results and use high quality sanitation techniques. We never double-dip, unlike some waxing salons, which means you’ll get a bacteria-free treatment with reduced likelihood of breaking out after the treatment.

Customized Facial

Whatever your skin type, our experienced facial staff can customize a treatment specifically for your skin type and needs. These facials are perfect for those dealing with oily skin, dry skin, aging or a combination of factors. Our 50-minute facials include a deep cleanse and tone, exfoliation and the use of steam prior to extractions to clear out congestion and refresh your complexion. We also offer the option to add microdermabrasions or power peels to your customized facial.


Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation and skin rejuvenation technique that involves treating the outermost layer of your skin and removing dry or dead skin cells. This technique is one of the best risk-free methods for skin rejuvenation and works on all skin types, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines, minimize pore size, remove acne scars and highlight your skin’s youthful glow.


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